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Bundle: PowerCenter Parameter Files

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Posted by: Informatica Marketplace

Learn various advance ways of dealing with PowerCenter Parameter files.


A PowerCenter parameter file is a list of parameters and variables and their associated values. These values define properties for a service, service process, workflow, worklet, or session. The Integration Service applies these values when you run a workflow or session that uses the parameter file.


Parameter files provide you with the flexibility to change parameter and variable values each time you run a session or workflow. You can include information for multiple services, service processes, workflows, worklets, and sessions in a single parameter file. You can also create multiple parameter files and use a different file each time you run a session or workflow. The Integration Service reads the parameter file at the start of the workflow or session to determine the start values for the parameters and variables defined in the file. You can create a parameter file using a text editor such as WordPad or Notepad.


While creating and using parameter files is a straight forward option, often there are tricky scenarios or special needs that require you to deal with parameter files differently. The examples listed below explain some of those scenarios with the help of mapping or workflow samples.



1. Mapping : Parameter Scope in Parameter File

Demonstrate the levels of specifications possible within a parameter file providing ways to define values as Global level and override them if necessary.


2. Workflow : Skip tasks using parameter file

Configure workflows so that you can dynamically skip sessions based on values in the parameter file.


3. Mapping : Building Parameter files Dynamically

The template illustrates a method of generating a parameter file at run  time based on data from process table containing mapping parameters.


4. Workflow : Parameter files for Business Rules

Use mapping parameters and variables within PowerCenter to simulate a  Business Rules Management System and make mappings more flexible.


5. Workflow : Control Parameter File Reading Order

Instruct the PowerCenter Integration Service to read the session parameter files and workflow parameter files at the same time.

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