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Informatica MTools

Free download

Posted by: Informatica Ultra Messaging Unit

Test network capability to diagnose and test multicast problems when using Informatica Ultra Messaging. Download the file for free!


Many organizations are looking to switch their high-speed messaging from TCP to Multicast. This can drastically improve their performance in streaming data applications, such as live market data, where you have many subscriber programs. However, many corporate network infrastructures provide limited multicast connectivity or are not able to sustain high message rates. Even sites that are successfully using multicast with legacy messaging systems encounter problems after an upgrade to a higher-performing messaging layer.


Fortunately, most modern networking hardware is capable of passing wire-speed multicast with appropriate configuration parameters. The key is discovering configuration problems early and diagnosing them. The "msend", "mdump", and "mpong" tools can help. You can use them to evaluate your network's capacity to carry multicast traffic.




If used carelessly, the msend tool can produce significant network loading and congestion, to the point of rendering switches and routers virtually non-functional. When using large burst counts (-b>500) and/or small pause times (-p<100), make sure to keep the number of bursts (-n) small enough to limit the duration of the test to a few seconds.



  • Detailed documentation is packaged with the download file.

Key Features

Offers multiple options which are useful in diagnosing a variety of multicast problems.

Contains 3 different tools


  • AIX-5-powerpc64 (IBM AIX version 5.2 on PowerPC hardware).
  • Linux-2.4-glibc-2.3-i686 (Linux kernel 2.4 on x86 hardware; should be usable on more recent Linux kernels, and on 64-bit x86 hardware).
  • SunOS-5.10-i386 (Solaris 10 on x86 hardware; should be usable on more recent Solaris versions, and on 64-bit x86 hardware).
  • Darwin-9.4.0-i386 (Mac OSX on x86 hardware).
  • FreeBSD-6-i386 (FreeBSD version 6 on x86 hardware).
  • SunOS-5.10-sparc (Solaris 10 on 32-bit SPARC hardware; should be usable on more recent Solaris versions, and on 64-bit Sparc hardware).
  • Win2k-i386 (Windows XP on 32-bit X86 hardware; should be usable on more recent Windows versions, and on 64-bit Windows).
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