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ETL Testing with Informatica Data Validation

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Posted by: Informatica Enterprise Data Integration

Informatica Data Validation can help make your ETL testing and data validation faster, more comprehensive and significantly less costly than writing manual SQL queries.


The Informatica Data Validation provides complete and effective data validation and ETL testing—with no programming skills required. Any time data is moved or transformed, there is a risk of introducing errors that compromise data integrity. Informatica Data Validation is a GUI based tool that compares tables before and after a move/transformation to ensure that the data is correct and as-expected.


Informatica Data Validation has an intuitive user interface with pre-built operators that eliminate the need for programming skills to do the data validation and ETL testing. Complete test coverage can be accomplished with 50% to 90% less time and resources.


Informatica Data Validation is useful in development and ETL testing situations. It is also useful in business-critical production validation environments were data must be validated before it is moved into production systems.

Please have a demo at PowerCenter Data Validation Testing

Key Features

Eliminates hardware and software management, manual tuning and optimization, and complex availability and data protection.Eliminates hardware and software management, manual tuning and optimization, and complex availability and data protection.

Data integrity:

The Data Validation Option can furnish complete validation and ETL testing in the same time that error-prone manual methods accomplish only partial testing.

Greater data integration productivity

The Option includes an intuitive GUI with pre-built operators which require no programming skills.


There is no other comparable tool available today.

Reduced business risk:

Because validation and ETL testing can be done in 50% to 90% less time and with fewer resources, 100% of your data can be tested. Complete test coverage reduces the risk of introducing bad data into the Data Integration environment.

Audit trail:

All tests run and their results are kept in a central repository for later analysis and reporting. Informatica Data Validation provides a complete audit trail of all activity in the environment.


Current Version : 9.5.2

Released Date : Sept 2013

System Requirements :

  • PowerCenter Designer installed on the same client.
  • Relational database (Oracle/DB2/SQLServer) to store all test metadata and results.
  • 100 MB free hard disk space.

Informatica Product Requirements

  • PowerCenter 8.6.1 HF 11 and Above



Web Support:Informatica Global Customer Support

North America: 1-877-463-2435 (1-877-INFA-HELP)
Phone Contact numbers of support centers in other countries

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