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Posted by: Hadapt

Hadapt offers an adaptive analytical platform for performing complex analytics on structured and unstructured data, all in one cloud-optimized system.


Hadapt expands the Hadoop architecture with a more complete SQL interface, a patent-pending Adaptive Query Execution™ capability, and a hybrid storage engine to handle structured and unstructured data in a single platform. Hadapt’s technology features a hybrid architecture that brings the latest advances in relational database research to the Hadoop platform. The result is an analytical platform offering SQL query performance up to 50x faster than Hadoop with Hive, as well as the ability to work with structured and unstructured data together.

Key Features

Works with structured and unstructured data in one platform.

Built for the cloud.

Supports more SQL than Hive; full support forthcoming.


  • Supports Red Hat 5/6, CentOS 5, Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick, SUSE 11
  • Flexible hardware requirements: Amazon EC2, existing heterogeneous hardware, etc.
  • Current release: v0.9

Phone: (617) 539-6110
Fax: (203) 562-1965


Hadapt's core technology began as research in the Computer Science Department at Yale University, led by Dr. Daniel Abadi (now Chief Scientist at Hadapt) and Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski (now the company’s Chief Software Architect). The research led to the development of a unique hybrid architecture designed for high-performance analytics at scale. CEO Justin Borgman joined the team in early 2010, after which Hadapt was founded to commercialize these groundbreaking innovations.

5 Science Park
3rd Floor
New Haven, CT 06511

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