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Global Phone Validation 1.5 mapplets for IDQ

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Posted by: Informatica Data Quality Unit

Quickly and easily validate telephone numbers regardless of what country your customer data is from directly within Informatica Data Quality.


With Phone Validation from Informatica Data as a Service, you can quickly and easily validate the accuracy of your customer or prospect contact data. In Informatica Data Quality, you’ll be able to ensure that only accurate telephone numbers are available in your data. Your business relies on valid contact data to connect with customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, and more. Ensure that you have only accurate contact data in the systems that your business relies on.

Key Features

Verify the accuracy of telephone numbers

Global coverage for over 240 countries and territories

Append the phone type to the phone number – example, mobile or landline

Identify the operator – example, AT&T, Vodafone

Enhance your contact data with location information, like time zone, so you know how and when to contact your customers and prospects


Mapplets are compatible with Informatica Data Quality 9.6.1. and 10.0

Informatica Data as a Service license is required to run these mapplets. To create an account and acquire a license, contact


You can contact a Customer Support Center by telephone or through the Online Support. Online Support requires a user name and password. You can request a user name and password at

The telephone numbers for Informatica Global Customer Support are available from the Informatica web site.

As an Informatica customer, you can access the Informatica Customer Portal site at

The site contains product information, user group information, newsletters, access to the Informatica customer support case management system (ATLAS), the Informatica How-To Library, the Informatica Knowledge Base, Informatica Product Documentation, and access to the Informatica user community

You can also post a question on the Data Quality Services Community web site.

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