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FTI Catalyst Healthcare Analytics

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Posted by: Future Technologies Incorporated

The CATALYST dashboards deliver the fundamental metrics necessary to effectively manage a complex and complicated healthcare organization using a Balanced Scorecard approach.


FTI CATALYST Healthcare dashboards were designed based upon the needs observed by its Product Manager, who leveraged over a decade of experience in a BI leadership position in a large hospital system. The Catalyst dashboards represent the fundamental metrics necessary to effectively manage a complex and complicated healthcare organization, taking into account the needs of varying stakeholders. The technological foundation for Catalyst is built on Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, viewed by many in the industry as one of the premier BI toolsets.


All content is presented using a Balanced Scorecard approach (Financial, Operations, Quality & Staffing), as often metrics deemed to be of a “Quality” nature often have financial implications, etc., thus all consumers of data need to be able to access across the breadth of data metrics. The four main subject areas give users an intuitive approach to accessing their information, empowering them to understand the inter-relationships. One of the benefits of implementing the Catalyst dashboard is that it adds the necessary layer of organization to the dozens of metrics that come bundled with the Catalyst dashboard. Many BI implementations lack this foresight, and make it cumbersome for consumers of information to locate and track the metrics they should be apprised of, which often results in parallel methods and efforts to report out information.


It should be noted that Catalyst serves as a comprehensive foundation, customers can add additional data sources, attributes and metrics over time. Catalyst represents a best-in-class technical dashboard implementation that leverages a pre-defined data model that meets many of the data requirements of most healthcare organizations, yet we are aware these requirements tend to evolve over time, thus we empower you to make changes as you deem necessary.


In terms of the content, there are over 20 innovative and leading-edge dashboards that represent a Balanced Scorecard approach to monitoring metrics that are most critical to healthcare organizations, and the dashboards also provide the ability to customize and evolve over time as an organization’s priorities change.


The value proposition consists of a pre-defined data model (but customizable, allowing the addition of new attributes as desired), a pre-defined RPD metadata layer (customizable), and over 20 pre-defined dashboards (customizable). The entire product set leverages FTI’s knowledge of technical best practices, coupled with deep-domain expertise in Healthcare.

Key Features

Source Agnostic: Delivers data from any source into FTI CATALYST.

Rapid Implementation: Quick to implement means faster ROI.

Balanced Scorecard: Key metrics allow users to see relationships between Finance, Operations, Quality and Staffing.

Pre-Built Data Model: Pre-built set of core metrics for healthcare organizations.

Customizable: Metadata repository allows for rapid customization of reports and addition of new target data.

Drill-Down Capability: See patient level-detail of charge-level dashboards.

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Future Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in Data Management Solutions since 1996. FTI provides comprehensive data management solutions through business strategy and technology development utilizing a highly customized, cost efficient delivery model that maximizes on-site and off-site resources. FTI will improve your Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing systems by creating a strong, intuitive data foundation which allows you to extract and process the maximum amount of information with the minimum time, cost and human resource allocation possible. As a certified partner of Oracle and Informatica, FTI can deliver the industry elite software applications and build a custom BI environment around those or any other BI platform on the market.
FTI’s team of experts provides extensive best-practices knowledge in the areas of Finance, Operations, CRM and ERP reporting. At FTI, We customize the data management solution and system implementations that will best fit you, our valued client. With our help, these tools provide profound insight into historical efficacy and position you to leverage new opportunities from emerging industry trends.
FTI is empowering our clients to make intelligent, timely and actionable decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

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