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Export / Import Extension to Informatica DD

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Posted by: Taskdata

TaskData Export / Import Extension to Informatica Data Director for high performing bulk and complex data updates.



TaskData Export/Import Extension is designed to export big sets of records representing business entities from Informatica Data Director to a Microsoft Excel file and then import them back after update. Both export and import operations are performed strictly preserving all relationships between objects and accurately reflecting all composite structures of data defined in Data Director.


It is tuned to work with big result sets - up to 50000 records portions. Both export and import operations are performed on the server side and so can be carried out in the background and even in the offline mode. The results are saved and can be visible next time the user logs into the system.


Export of Hierarchies

TaskData Export/Import Extension supports hierarchical structures. MDM user can import and export data directly to and from the Hierarchy Manager and have it updated in the Excel file.


Bulk data update

Updating complex objects record by record may turn into an extended procedure if one needs to update thousands of records, for example to change phone code information for multiple clients or department name for hundreds of employees. Having exported such records to Excel, the user can apply the search and replace operation and complete the update in several minutes. Using the Excel form it is easy to add or delete objects and attributes, update incorrect or outdated records. Then all changes can be correctly imported back to Data Director.



The layout of complex business objects inside an Excel table contributes to better visualization of relationships inside business entities and represents a convenient form for reporting.

Key Features

Bulk and complex data exports along with support of hierarchies.

Export of up to 50000 records per batch.

Background and offline modes.

Consistent with Informatica security model.

Quick and easy update of thousands of records.

Visualization of object relationships, Convenient reporting.

Accurate export and import results.


  • Informatica MDM Hub v9.1 and upper.
  • All other pre-requisites that MDM requires.

Phone : +7(812)385-0337
Fax : +7(812)385-0337


TaskData owns rich expertise in delivering best-in-class MDM and Big data services across multiple domains. We fuse innovative ideas and market leading technologies with best practices and solid knowledge base to produce complete and powerful MDM solutions that open new ways to dramatic improvements in business. Implementing MDM and Big data projects for customers in North America and Europe, TaskData has developed effective practices of deploying and integrating complex enterprise data processing systems. Along with a wide range of MDM services, TaskData provides exclusive help in customizing Informatica MDM to unique business needs based on TaskData`s own library of UI components and extensions.

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