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Enterprise Data Collaboration

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Posted by: Boardwalktech, Inc.

The Boardwalk Collaboration Platform (BCP) extends Informatica’s enterprise data integration technology to spreadsheet data on the desktop and enables cell -level collaboration amongst Excel users.


Companies have long struggled to meaningfully connect data on the desktop to the rest of the enterprise. What’s been missing is the ability to intelligently integrate key data from the extended Informatica integration capabilities with Excel-based process data. This is more than simply connecting to a static dataset inside an Excel file. It’s enabling a persistent, two-way collaborative connection between Excel-based desktop data and the rest of the enterprise. Boardwalktech’s Boardwalk Collaboration Platform (BCP) is a process automation and data management tool that extends the Informatica integration capability out to Excel on the desktop. And as a result, Excel-based processes become collaborative, secure, and connected to the enterprise in a way never before possible. The combination of these two powerful technologies enables companies to effectively reach across and outside the company to support collaborative applications including sales forecasting, demand/supply planning, pricing, promotions, budgeting, cash management, and many other collaborative applications. These are all processes where superior execution depends on the intelligent integration of enterprise transaction data with forward looking planning data on the desktop.

Based on standard Microsoft technologies, BCP’s core intellectual property is a patented cell-level data management system run centrally on top of Microsoft SQL Server. Unlike file-sharing based technologies like SharePoint, or web-form based Excel look-alikes, only BCP enables concurrent, off-line use of native Excel without check-out.  This coupled with BCP’s persistent cell-level sharing and change tracking for data and formulas, creates a collaboration and data management platform truly integrating enterprise data with the desktop.

Key Features

Concurrent “offline” use in native Excel without overwriting changes from others.

Intelligently connect enterprise data through Informatica to Excel.

Cell-level data management for Excel-based data.

Secure access-controlled enterprise data management.

Multi-system integration to the cell level.

Change management and audit trail of updates by all users and systems.

Rapidly deploy enterprise-integrated Excel based processes.


Boardwalktech is a leading enterprise collaboration software company. Our mission is to build and maintain competitive advantage for our customers by fostering business process innovation and automation. Our Boardwalk Collaboration Platform (BCP) enables collaboration between all enterprise process participants using a tool they are already familiar with-- a spreadsheet. Since BCP"s positional data management technology uses a spreadsheet as its "web form" while retaining the spreadsheet's powerful business process modeling and flexibility capabilities, companies now have access to a flexible collaboration platform which can reach and align users across the entire extended enterprise.

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