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Dynamically Generate Workflow Parameter Files

Free download

Posted by: Lalit Sharma

Create Workflow parameter files dynamically for all your workflows in one go.


This mapping reads a metadata table created for workflow parameters. It uses the concept of Transaction Control Transformation to generate parameter files for any number of workflows.


This solution is quite simple and generic. You will not require complex UNIX scripts for the implementation.


The download file contains scripts to create metadata tables, required workflow xml and information about implementation.

Key Features

Simple Design

Uses Transaction Control Transformation to generate parameter files dynamically.

It can be implemented in any Informatica PowerCenter project with minimal changes.

The objective is achieved without having to create a complex Unix script.


System Requirements:

  • Informatica 9.1 Hotfix 4
  • ORACLE 11g


Lalit Sharma is an Informatica enthusiastic with 10 years of experience in Informatica and Data Integration. He also has it’s own technical blog that he keeps updating with new articles on latest technology and trends.

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