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Dynamic FileList Generation with Wild Card Option

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Posted by: Ankush Ismalappa

A mapping example that demonstrates generating FileList dynamically with wildcard character options.


PowerCenter provides “FileList” option that allows users to process multiple flat files. A “FileList” file contains list of multiple flat files that will eventually be processed by session. However, “FileList” file continues to remain static


But it is possible to generate FileList file dynamically and programmatically. The mapping example given here demonstrates the same.


The mapping sample given here uses Wild Card characters to build the FileList file. For example, you may want to process all the files starting with word “Customer”. The session uses a batch file to generate the FileList file that contains names of source files having certain pattern. The same can be achieved in Unix with the help of a Shell Script file.


System Requirements:

  • PowerCenter version 9.1 and 9.5


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