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Gamma Data Warehouse Studio

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Posted by: Gamma Systems

Gamma Data Warehouse Studio (DWS) accelerates data integration projects by auto-generating ETL, SQL, and hybrid code in the customers technology of choice.


Data Warehouse Studio is a software development platform that enables enterprises to reduce costs and time-to-market by 50 to 70%. Data Warehouse Studio serves as an integrated software platform that bridges project participants and technologies of choice, allowing participants to contribute technical and business specifications within their domains of expertise, at the same time fostering information exchange across all subject domains.


With a push of a button, Data Warehouse Studio generates a complete ETL, SQL, or a hybrid solution in the customer's technology of choice, adhering to the data mapping, technical, and history management specifications. As a part of code generation patterns, Data Warehouse Studio takes into account the importance of addressing concepts such as job restartability and exception handling.


In addition to generating code responsible for data movement, Data Warehouse Studio also generates technology-agnostic data lineage diagrams, documentation, and Business Intelligence layers.

Key Features

A comprehensive software platform for both technical and business users.

Accepts a wide range of specifications covering data mappings, architectural preferences, technologies of choice, and naming patterns.

Auto-generates 99-100% of code required for data warehouse and BI projects.

Auto-generates history management, referential integrity validation, and key management logic.

Informatica-specific features: generation of folders, mappings, sessions, workflows, supporting shell wrappers, and database profiles.

Generation of documents, data lineage diagrams, and business intelligence layers.

Enables enterprises and consultancies to apply Agile development methodologies to Informatica development projects.

Reduces typical development costs and shortens implementation timelines by 50-70%.


Data Warehouse Studio consists of the following components :

  • DWS Connectivity Server.
  • DWS Application server.
  • DWS Client User Interface (UI).

The application server requires a repository, which can be hosted in an Oracle, MS-SQL, or MySQL database. The connectivity and application servers can be run on a Linux or a Windows platform, while the UI component can only be run on a Windows platform.

System Prerequisites :

The following prerequisites are applicable to the installation of DWS :

DWS Application Server :

  • Windows XP/Vista/Win7 workstation, server, or VMWare, or Linux Fedora/RedHat/Ubuntu.
  • Minimal recommended RAM size: 512 MB.
  • 200 MB of disk space for core application server installation, 300 MB to host generated code (can be recycled).
  • Java v. 1.6

DWS Client UI :

  • Windows XP/Vista/Win7 workstation (32 or 64-bit).
  • RAM 128 MB.
  • 100 MB of disk space.

DWS Metadata Repository

  • Oracle 10g or higher/MySQL 5.x/MS SQL Server 2005 or higher database (100 MB).

Phone : 914 220-8320
Fax : 914 682-4343


Gamma Systems is a data warehouse software company whose focus is to help enterprises reduce costs and time-to-market on data warehouse implementations. Our goal is to empower clients with data warehousing solutions that can help them maximize their ROI.
While every enterprise has different data warehousing needs, our solutions can be customized to the specifics of each client and integrated with the technologies of their choice.
The founders of the company have an extensive background in enterprise data warehousing solutions, database, and ETL technologies. Our flagship product Gamma Data Warehouse Studio is a direct result of our experience working with diverse customers.

White Plains,
New York,

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