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Data Quality: Rules To Remove Space and Hyphen

Free download

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality Unit

Download Data Quality rules that help you to remove extra Space and Hyphen around the string. It also contains a mapping to demonstrate removing the space around the string using the rules.


Informatica provides the Core accelerator with the Content installer. The Core accelerator contains data quality rules that you can use with data from multiple regions. Core Accelerators provide solutions to common data quality issues in a country, region, or industry. Core Accelerators contain rules, reference tables, demonstration mappings, and demonstration data objects.


Removing the Space and Hyphen are rules which are part of the Data Quality core accelerators available with Informatica Data Quality. In this example we are remove extra space from the customer name field. To achieve this we are making use of following rules comes with installation of Core Accelerators


rule_AllTrimRemoves all leading and trailing spaces from input data.

Replaces all multiple consecutive spaces with a single space and trims

leading and trailing spaces.
rule_Remove_HyphenRemoves hyphens.


  • Informatica Data Quality 9.5.1
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