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Data Quality:Product UOM Standardization

Free download

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality Unit

Informatica Data Quality Mapplet that standardizes product Unit of Measure (UOM) codes.


In a Product master data the unit of measure (UOM) is one of the key attributes. When standardizing the product master data, handling UOM one of the key areas.

A very commonly used metric measure like Kilogram could be entered by users in various formats like KG, kg, Kg, Kgs, KGrams etc. The functionality to standardize UOM can significantly improve product master data.

The pre-built mapplet standardizes a unit of measure (UOM) by using in-built reference data. This rule returns standardized and unstandardized values for quantity and UOM. It also returns a string that contains the input text with a standardized UOM.

Note : The downloaded mapplet can be imported into Informatica Designer 9.This mapplet export file includes the UOM reference data.


You can download this listing as part of the Data Quality Packs and Plans bundle.

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