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Data Quality Accelerator for France

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Posted by: Informatica Data Quality Unit

Informatica Data Quality Accelerators enable you to speed up your Data Quality projects by using pre-built functionality that can be used readily in the Informatica platform.


The Informatica Platform finds and fixes the data quality problems  that cost companies millions. It provides powerful, closed-loop data  profiling, cleansing, matching, reporting and monitoring capabilities.


Companies rely on the Informatica Platform to support  proactive data quality processes. It provides data validation at point  of entry, ongoing monitoring and exception management and centralized  data quality rules to support any application. It also enables highly  accurate global identity matching and global address cleansing by means  of domain-aware, prebuilt rules and reference data.


Accelerators  provide solutions to common data quality issues in a country, region or  industry. Accelerators contain rules, reference tables, demonstration  mappings and demonstration data objects.


The  accelerator for France validates and enhances the country  specific  data  by using specialized data quality processes and   country-specific  reference tables. Business name reference data tables,   INSEE code  validation rules and culture specific matching rules   are also  available within this package.


The accelerator for France includes, rules that perform the following data  quality processes:


  • Address data cleansing.
  • Contact data cleansing.
  • Corporate data cleansing.
  • General data cleansing.
  • Matching and de-duplication.

Key Features

Eliminates hardware and software management, manual tuning and optimization, and complex availability and data protection.Eliminates hardware and software management, manual tuning and optimization, and complex availability and data protection.

Accelerate Data Quality projects using pre-built functionality to address common data quality issues in France.

Pre-built rules, reference tables, demonstration mappings, and demonstration data objects that are ready for use in the Informatica platform.


System Requirements:

  • Informatica Data Quality 9.1

Current Version: 1.0

Release Date:04-June-2011

Web Support:
Call Support:
North America: 1 877 INFA HELP (1 877 463 2435)
Australia: 1800 151 830
Bangalore, India: +91 80 4112 5738
Europe (toll-free): 00 800 4632 4357
Singapore: 001 800 4632 4357
Fax 952 933 8153

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