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Data Quality: Birthday Domain Data Discovery

Free download

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality Unit

Domain Data Discovery Sample - Discover Birthday and age data using domain data rule.


Informatica helps you to profile data to perform domain discovery and you can identify critical data characteristics within an enterprise. You can then apply further data management policies, such as data quality or data masking, to the data. For example, discover product codes or descriptions to analyze which data quality standardization or parsing rules you need to apply to make the data useful and trustworthy. Another example is to find sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers, birthday, email IDs, and phone numbers. You may then want to mask this information to protect it.


You can create and run a profile to perform data domain discovery in both Analyst and Developer tools. You can define a profile to perform data domain discovery based on the following rules:


  • Data rule - Finds columns with data that matches specific logic defined in the rule.
  • Column name rule - Finds columns that match column name logic defined in the rule.


A data domain is a predefined or user-defined Model repository object based on the semantics of column data or a column name. For example, Social Security number, credit card number, email ID, and phone number can be individual data domains.


A data domain helps you find important data that remains undiscovered in a data source. For example, you may have legacy data systems that contain birthday and age in a Comments field. You need to find this information and protect it before you move it to new data systems.


The download contains the domain rule that that can be imported into Informatica Data Quality to discover birthday and age data.


You can download this listing as part of the Data Quality Packs and Plans bundle.


This feature is available from Informatica 9.5 and above

Informatica products are supported on all major server operating systems, client operating systems and web browsers.

The support provided varies for products, operating system versions and Informatica product versions. We recommend that you verify the availability of the product for the configuration that you need before making the purchase.

All existing Informatica customers can access details about the availability from the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) on the Support Portal.

All non Informatica customers can seek additional information by contacting us at

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