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Code List Search and Validation Platform

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Posted by: Listpoint

Use this Listpoint listing to find, publish and validate the quality of your reference data in the shape of code lists, for free.


Listpoint provides suppliers with the means to quickly make sense of competing code lists across diverse applications.  By mapping competing code list standards together suppliers then use this mapping layer as a translation aid for their own tools to efficiently surface a single view of information without the need to impose a top down data standard. With less complex interface requirements and a reduction in data design needs, projects are delivered more quickly and at a lower cost.


Suppliers can choose to publish and maintain code lists as ‘private’ for projects and/or re-use existing code lists of which there are over 3,500 already freely available.


What is free?


Listpoint provides a free service to find and reuse existing ‘Public’ code lists such as Country Codes, and to publish their own code lists where Business Rules Validation surface any data inconsistencies. Code Lists can then be downloaded in human or machine readable formats. Go to and choose the ‘getting started’ option.


Subscription Services (see Listpoint – Code List Mapping and Distribution listing)


Listpoint is already used across many national projects by Systems Integrators who use the service to help build data quality, map competing standards together  and maintain integrity. They do this by loading all code lists, from across all the source applications and map them to the target application codes. The code lists used across a project are grouped into a context and whenever a code list, context or mapping is changed, the user community and systems in that project are updated, using alerts and web services.

Key Features

A single place to find, collaborate and manage the lifecycle of all code list standards across Public Administration, Private and Third Sectors (FREE).

Find and re-use existing ‘Public’ code lists of which there are over 3,500 (FREE).

Improve data quality by loading and validating your own code lists using inbuilt Business Rules Validation (FREE).

Download code lists, contexts and mappings in human and machine readable formats e.g. XML (FREE).

Full versioning and release date control at code and code list levels.

Subscription Services – See Listpoint Mapping and Distribution Block.

Group code lists together (contexts) for reference to projects, industry, national or global initiatives. These can be used as private groups to add value to and improve supplier industry solutions.

Map code lists together and create a translation layer for supplier applications to use when integrating federated data sources.

Maintain data quality and systems integrity by informing users and systems of changes to code lists, contexts and mappings, through a combination of alerts and web services.


Release : Version 1.0

Release Date : March 2011

Supported Browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 6.x and above.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.x and above.

Microsoft Office :

  • MS Excel 2003 or above.

Phone : +44 (0) 20 7378 3752


Listpoint is managed by a team from Liberata UK Limited. Liberata is a leading supplier of business support services to the Local Authorities and Central Government departments in the UK. The company employs over 2200 people.
The Listpoint team is focused on delivering Listpoint to the data community to aid faster more efficient interoperability between diverse applications. In addition to working with suppliers on integration projects, the team also engages Public Administration on data policy and is active with the Open Data community.

4th Floor,
125 Wood Street,

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