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Cloud Services for E-Commerce Websites

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Posted by: Neev Technologies

Neev Cloud Services offers the ability to scale the server infrastructure up or down based on traffic patterns


E-commerce websites often have predictable traffic patterns. Traffic  usually peaks during Christmas or during specific months. Sites with  geographically concentrated users tend to have lower traffic during  night  times and sites accessed mostly by office-goers will likely have  lower traffic during weekends.


Neev Cloud Services offers the ability to scale your  server infrastructure up or down based on your traffic pattern. By  analyzing the daily, weekly and seasonal traffic of your web  application, Neev sets up the elasticity for your cloud server capacity  by using the Neev Cloud Elasticity Engine.


Neev Cloud Services provides cloud server administration, infrastructure elasticity, fault-tolerant setups and more.

Key Features

Elasticity Engine

Scale your server infrastructure according to traffic. For example, automatically scale down the number or capacity of servers during night-time if low traffic is expected.

Robust Server Architecture

Setup fault-tolerant and load balanced servers. Neev's intelligent load balancer setup automatically routes the right amount of traffic to each server, based on its capacity to handle the load.

Application & Server Health Monitoring

Monitoring and regular reporting of application response time, traffic flow and server health.

Multiple backups

Schedule regular backups of your important data and maintain archives of several previous backups.


World Class Support & Uptime SLA - technical support for your servers backed with a strong uptime SLA.
Online Support Ticket System for all communication – requests, problem reporting, status updates.


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