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Big Data Trial Sandbox For Cloudera

Free 60 day trial

Posted by: Informatica Enterprise Data Integration

This is a 60 day trial software package that bundles a trial version of PowerCenter Big Data Edition running in a Cloudera 5 single node VM. It includes high-speed connectivity (Hadoop, JDBC, and flat files) and the ability to execute data integration transformations in Hadoop.


Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition (PC BDE) is powerful data integration software that increases developer productivity on Hadoop up to 5x. PC BDE combines rich GUI driven development and highly optimized performance on Hadoop to operate at Big Data scale.


Informatica has teamed with Cloudera to create a new and easy way to test drive PC BDE by preinstalling and configuring a trial version of PC BDE running in a Cloudera 5 VM. This VM enables the ability to get started working with PC BDE in Cloudera in a matter of minutes.


This trial VM is packaged with sample data, mappings, documentation and videos to help in getting started in evaluating PC BDE’s capabilities and prototyping data flows, parsing and transformations with Hadoop. All mappings built in this trial version of PC BDE can be easily moved into a development or production system when you are ready.


The Big Data Trial Sandbox includes high-speed connectivity (Hadoop, JDBC, and flat files) and the ability to execute on Hadoop data profiling, data integration (ETL), and data parsing (restricted to logs, XML, JSON file source). The connectivity of the PC BDE trial is a subset of a large number of data source, targets and types available with the full product version. With PC BDE, you can connect to, transform and manage virtually any data type from structured, unstructured, social, machine device, complex files, application data  or industry standard formats.


Support for Big Data Trial is available through our community support forum.  If you are a current Informatica customer, please feel free to reach out to your account team with questions about PC BDE capabilities or the options to move to production.

The Big Data Trial Sandbox includes high-speed connectivity (Hadoop, JDBC, and flat files) and

Key Features

High-speed connectivity to Hadoop, RDBMS, and flat files. High-performance connectivity through native APIs to source and target systems with parallel processing ensures high-speed data ingestion and extraction.

Data profiling on Hadoop to understand the data, identify data quality issues earlier, collaborate on data flow specifications, and validate mapping transformation and rules logic.

Data integration (ETL) on Hadoop that provides an extensive library of prebuilt transformation capabilities on Hadoop, including data type conversions and string manipulations, high-performance cache-enabled lookups, filters, joiners, sorters, routers, aggregations, and many more.

Data parsing (restricted to logs, XML, JSON file source) on Hadoop makes it easy to access and parse complex, multi-structured, unstructured, and industry standard data such as log files, JSON, and XML. Optional parsers are offered for market data and industry standards like FIX, SWIFT, ACORD, HL7, HIPAA, and EDI.

Business Benefits

Accelerate time to value with Hadoop through the industry leading data integration suite for Big Data.

Optimize data integration for performance, flexibility and cost Innovate faster to generate new revenue streams.

Minimize risk of moving to big data and deliver Hadoop-based projects faster.

Technical Benefits

The ability to execute data integration processing at Hadoop scale.

The broadest set of data source connectivity and automated processing functionality available on Hadoop (the trial VM bundles a few common connectors).

High performance optimized execution of data integration on Hadoop to beat SLAs.

No code, GUI driven developer and management tools that reduce errors and enhance agile development and Hadoop expansion of Big Data projects.

Increase developer productivity up to 5x.

Minimize risk of adopting new technology platforms such as Hadoop.



  • Hadoop distribution supported: Cloudera 5.2
  • Informatica version: 9.6.1 HotFix 1
  • Release Date: 2/23/2015

Unified Installer Prerequisites:

  • Virtualization Technology must be enabled in the BIOS of the machine on which the Trial Sandbox runs.
  • A virtual machine player must be installed on your computer. You can use VMware Workstation, VMware Player and the VMware VIX SDK, or a different virtual machine player.
  • If you use a different virtual machine player, you must manually configure the Trial Sandbox. For more information about installing the Trial Sandbox, see the Big Data Trial Sandbox for Cloudera Quick Start.

System Requirements:

  • Disk Space: 35GB
  • Memory (RAM): 10GB


Once you download Big Data Trial Sandbox For Cloudera, you can navigate to support forum and get answers to any questions you have about this Big Data Edition.

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