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Data Transformation ACORD AL3 Library

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Posted by: Informatica B2B Unit

A B2B Data Transformation library that enables you to process your data in ACORD AL3 formats.


The ACORD AL3 library implements the AL3 messaging standard used in the insurance industry. The AL3 is maintained by the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD), a non-profit insurance association. AL3 messages handle the transmission of insurance information such as policies and claims.

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Note: Each Data Transformation library contains a large number of components, such as parsers, serializers, and XML schemas, designed for use with industry standard and specific application messages. You can use these components to facilitate transformations from industry standards to and from XML.

Key Features

Library components can be valuable tools in your work with Data Transformation. They offer the following advantages:

Saves time

You can use predefined library components, rather than designing and implementing the components yourself.

Standardized implementation

Ensures consistency between your applications.

Robust construction

Supports all options and syntactic intricacies unique to each industry standard. You can use Data Transformation Studio to import library components into transformation projects.

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