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AnalytiX Mapping Manager

Free download

Posted by: AnalytiX Data Services

100% metadata based data mapping management tool which accelerates project delivery.


AnalytiX Mapping Manager (AMM) is a complement to existing data integration products and allows the data integration and management professionals to manage enterprise data dictionaries and build source to target mapping specifications using drag and drop techniques to accelerate the mapping process.


The mapping specifications are then versionable, trackable, auditable, and repeatable throughout lifecycle of data integration and Master Data Management (MDM) projects. AMM auto-generates ETL Jobs for Informatica. It Enables forward / reverse Engineering as well.

  • Scans and consolidates metadata and manages enterprise data dictionaries (metadata repository)
  • Automates source to target mapping (pre-ETL) process using drag n drop. You can then version them through the change process and manage them in our data mapping repository.
  • Once the mapping are ready for development they can then be printed or exported as coding requirements or exported in XML to auto-generate ETL jobs for leading ETL tool providers like Informatica, Datastage and SQL Server SSIS Pkgs.
  • The code generation is available out of the box, however if you want “multiple code generation templates” to be created we can generate these templates based on your own best practices and standards for “different job types.
  • Advanced analysis features include: Impact Analysis. Data Lineage Analyzer, Gap Analysis and Mapping Status Reporting.

Key Features

Customizable Export of Mapping Specifications to Excel.

Multiple Export of Legacy Excel Mappings.

Project Specific Transformations (Business rules).

Mass update of source/target data across Mapping Specification.

IMulti Browser Compatibility.

Full Enterprise Metadata Repository with built-in data preview capabilities.

Promotes Excellence in STM Mapping. Standards (Metadata & Standards Based).

Accelerate Delivery & Improve Quality.

Governance. Best Practices. Standards. Versioning. Traceability. Audit-ability. Impact Analysis. Data Lineage.

Collaboration & Programmatic Excellence.

Cross Team Collaboration & Planning.

Canned Reporting & Open-Source DBMS for mining the repositories.

New improved web user interface with performance improvements.

Extended the Integration with ETL Tools (Informatica, DataStage and SQL Server SSIS).

Certified on internal repository Oracle DBMS and new versions of SQL Server.

Certified to run on Linux based environments (Ubuntu and Red Hat).

Enhanced change log tracking other features.

ETL Tool Conversion Capabilities. Ability to quickly convert legacy ETL Jobs from other vendors to Informatica.


System Requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7,Server 2000, Linux – Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse
  • RAM: 8GB or more (recommended).
  • Database: SQL Server 2003 or later, SQL Server Express, Oracle 9i or higher.
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 16.0, Chrome 28.0, Safari 5.1 & above.
  • 90 GB free hard disk space.(20 GB for a POC version).
  • Web Server: Apache Tomcat (Packaged with Installation).

Informatica Product Requirements:

  • Standalone - Does not require.
  • PowerCenter
  • Auto-generation from STM to
  • PowerCenter ETL Jobs Requires
  • PowerCenter 7.x or later

Current Version: 5.2 (check AnalytiX website for up to date release information).

Release Date : September, 2014.

Release Planning : Releases are planned every quarter.


AnalytiX Data Services is an International software & technology services company which specializes in the development of ‘agile tools’ for the data integration industry which automate manual processes and enable organizations to accelerate delivery and operate more efficiently while lowering costs of delivery.

AnalytiX is led by Mr. Boggs (Founder and CT) an accomplished Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence professional who draws from his extensive experience in Data Warehousing to deliver client projects and to design and deliver the integration industry’s first enterprise solution to the ‘Source-To-Target’ mapping and governance problem (Analytix: Mapping Manager). For more information visit:

AnalytiX Offers 24x7 customer support.

14175 Sullyfield Circle,
Suite # 400 Chantilly,
VA 20151 USA.

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