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AnalytiX LiteSpeed Conversion® (ALC)

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Posted by: AnalytiX Data Services

AnalytiX LiteSpeed Conversion" (ALC) answers the question "How do I get from my current ETL Platform to Informatica?" Historically this would mean potentially thousands of hours, millions of dollars and months of time - Now there is an answer. This is a Proof of concept.


The ALC solution provides a state-of-the-art framework automating the conversion of ETL Tool Platforms – enabling FAST and precise conversion from your current platform to Informatica PowerCenter. The ALC environment automates the entire conversion process, making it transparent with built in job documentation, profiling measures, status reports, lineage and impact analysis features which are delivered into an instance of AnalytiX Mapping Manager at no additional cost! Your AMM environment contains the “job Logic” documentation of the conversion – allowing you to quickly understand the inputs and outputs, and to perpetuate your mappings and design phase into Informatica using a purpose built mapping repository. We like to think of it as a “Conversion Console”, that puts the YOU in the driver’s seat with a clean and packaged deliverable.


Let’s take a 1500 job ETL conversion for example:

With an average hourly rate of $88/hr you are looking at $1,408 per job and 1000’s of consulting hours that can add up quick! Our pricing is based on a per job basis which averages between $200-$300 per job- saving $1,000s per job, and taking a fraction of the time. This example shows a savings of over a million dollars. We think that’s Very Compelling..


We partner to win the business, and create success!

Now you have the answer – with an average conversion time of just 3-6 months, our customers can meet their deadlines and avoid additional maintenance costs through partnership with AnalytiX Data Services. From Automated ETL Platform Conversion and Centralized Management of pre-ETL design mappings, to Low-Cost Delivery Services, we can help you create a wealth of opportunities!


ALC 4.5 can help you quickly re-platform ETL Jobs between any of the following DI ETL platforms;

  • IBM Data Stage 7.5 and greater.
  • Informatica 9.0 and greater.
  • Microsoft SQL Server SSIS 2008 and greater.
  • Talend 7.1 and greater.
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11.
  • Convert SQL Procedures (coming soon).

Key Features

State-of-the-art software that automates the conversion of ETL Tool platforms.

Built in features

Auto Job documentation

Auto Profiling measures

Auto Status reports

Data Lineage and Impact Analysis Reports

Reverse and forward engineered jobs eliminates the use of spreadsheets.

Comes in a purpose-built mapping repository.

Enables the use of custom templates in auto-generation of code going forward!

Last but not the least; it saves a lot of time and Money!



  • IBM InfoSphere Data Stage 7.5 and greater.
  • Informatica 9.0 and greater.
  • Microsoft SQL Server SSIS 2008 and greater.
  • Talend 5.1 and greater.
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11.
  • Convert SQL Procedures (coming soon).

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7,Server 2000, Linux – Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suse
  • RAM: 8GB or more (recommended).
  • Database: SQL Server 2003 or later, SQL Server Express, Oracle 9i or higher.
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 16.0, Chrome 28.0, Safari 5.1 & above.
  • 90 GB free hard disk space.(20 GB for a POC version).
  • Web Server: Apache Tomcat (Packaged with Installation).

Informatica Product Requirements

  • Standalone - Does not require.
  • Power Center
  • Auto-generation from STM to
  • PowerCenter ETL Jobs Requires
  • PowerCenter 7.x or later

Sales:(800) 656-9860 OR (800) 617-9620 (between 9am - 5pm EST) OR
Product :(800) 656-9860 OR (800) 603-4790 (between 9am - 5pm EST)


AnalytiX Data Services is an international software and technology services company offering services to support it's software. Analytix specializes in building agile software which automates manual process involved in data integration project to accelerate project delivery. Analytix is lead by an industry expert Mike Boggs who is an accomplished Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence professional draws from his extensive experience in Data Warehousing to deliver client projects and to design and deliver the integration industry’s first enterprise solution to the ‘Source-To-Target’ mapping and governance problem (Analytix: Mapping Manager).

With more than 15 years experience dedicated to the industry Mike Boggs is a subject matter expert in Data Warehousing and Data Integration. Mike has architected and delivered some of the largest data warehouses in the States.

14175 Sullyfield Circle,
Suite # 400 Chantilly,
VA 20151 USA.

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