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IDQ: Address Doctor Web Service For Postal Code

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Posted by: Informatica Professional Services

An Informatica Data Quality mapping to demonstrate the usage of Address Validation transformation through Web Service to get the Address details.


The Address Validator transformation compares input address data with address reference data to determine the accuracy of input addresses and fix errors in those addresses. The transformation can create columns with new address data, corrected address data, and status information for each address.


You can validate and update address data in the following ways:

  • Compare input addresses to address reference data provided by Informatica.
  • Generate detailed status reports on the validity of each input address, its deliverable status, and the nature of any errors or ambiguities it contains.
  • Fix errors and complete partial address records using information from the reference data. To fix an address, the transformation must find a positive match with an address in the reference data.
  • Write output addresses in an envelope-ready format. You define the format when you select the output ports on the transformation.



This attachment provides a web service that would consult Address Doctors dictionaries looking for a specific Postal Code. The web service will return Building, Sub building, Street, Number and all the data that could be retrieved in that given postal code.

We developed an application inside Data Quality using a DQ applet that made access to Address Doctor discrete function, passing the postal code and retrieve all fields available.  That data would be accessible from a web service inside Informatica Platform web services hub with its exclusive Data Integrator and Content manager service.


System Requirements:

  • Informatica Data Quality 9.5.1 and above.
  • Valid AddressDoctor global address validation license key.


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