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ActiveBatch® Extension for Informatica Cloud

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Posted by: Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc

ActiveBatch® Extension for Informatica Cloud integrates data across cloud-based applications as well as on-premise systems allowing users to easily create complex end-to-end workflows. The extension contains templated Job Steps to automate common Informatica Cloud tasks.


The ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica Cloud provides Informatica users with the ability to automate workflows and tasks without manual intervention while leveraging powerful capabilities such as policies, alerts, and audits. The Informatica Extension is part of ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, which contains hundreds of pre-built Job Steps for a wide range of third-party applications, databases, and platforms. The ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica Cloud consists of 12 Job Steps that can be easily dragged and dropped into end-to-end workflows to simplify ETL processes and automate common, repetitive Informatica Cloud tasks across IT environments. This provides users with the ability to support the reliable execution of Informatica Cloud tasks and other sophisticated business processes occurring outside of Informatica Cloud without having to write any custom code. In addition, ActiveBatch gives users the ability to retrieve a log file programmatically and display it through the GUI.


ActiveBatch also supports direct integration with Informatica PowerCenter, which allows users to simplify their PowerCenter scheduling and benefit from capabilities that go beyond the native Informatica PowerCenter PMCMD scheduler.


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ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduling & Workload Automation Software.

System Requirements:

  • The ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling system is customer installable and requires a minimum of One (1) Microsoft Windows system. ActiveBatch supports a wide variety of platforms for job and plan execution including, Windows, Linux, UNIX (many variations), OpenVMS, z/OS and more. The actual hardware requirements will vary depending on the job scheduling workload you need to perform.
  • ActiveBatch supports both Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle for its own backend database requirements.
  • To evaluate ActiveBatch in your environment, with full access to our technical support services simply contact our Sales Department at or complete an online Proof of Concept request form.


Support Services for this solution are provided by Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. and are determined by your desired product configuration and your organization's support requirements.

While ActiveBatch is very easy to use, training helps to establish a foundation of Best Practices and lessens the overall learning curve. Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. provides a complete range of ActiveBatch Training Courses for Developers, Administrators and Operators. Training courses include Boot Camp and Advanced topic level information.

Advanced Systems Concepts Professional Services are available for ActiveBatch Consulting and Migration Services. These services focus on ActiveBatch Best Practices and allow for faster, smoother implementations.

For additional details regarding support for this solution, please visit ASCI Support Services or contact us :
Phone : 1-973-539-2660 / Option 3
Fax : 1-973-539-3390


Founded in 1981, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. is a recognized leader in the IT Automation industry with its flagship product, ActiveBatch, implemented by customers in over 47 countries worldwide.

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