Birst Agile Business Analytics

Birst Agile Business Analytics

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A single place to manage all of your business' analytics and agility to answer questions that span departments, data sources, and deployments across both, Public or Private Clouds.


Birst Agile Business Analytics is a single place to manage all of a business analytics to answer questions that span departments, data sources, and deployments across both public and private Clouds. It is a single, enterprise-class solution and includes everything necessary for advanced BI and analytics ready-to-publish pixel-perfect reports, interactive dashboards, ad hoc query, analytics and mobile delivery.Birst architecture comprises of four primary tiers: Data Connectivity (connectors to on-premise and cloud-based sources) : Data connectivity and extract options for on-premise databases, flat and structured files as well as cloud applications such as SalesForce, Apache Hadoop and ERP systems such as SAAS.  Data is extracted and uploaded into analytically-ready data store. In addition, Birst can also connect in real-time, via Live Access, to an existing on-premise database and provide complete BI capabilities in the Cloud without having to extract or upload any data. Data Services (ETL and data warehousing) : Includes Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools and a multi-dimensional data warehouse. The data warehouse is automated - with a few clicks; IT can generate and maintain fact and dimension tables, join relationships and the required processes for loading into an analytical data store. Analysis Services (ROLAP engine, advanced analytics and in-memory database) : ROLAP engine that delivers high query performance with smart caching. It also integrates a predictive modelling and optimization engine that offers advanced analytical capabilities. Finally, Birst has an in-memory analytic database which is completely integrated into the Birst platform. Unlike associative data models, Birst's in-memory analytics is not constrained by the size of a data set. It is optimized for scale and performance and can handle large data volumes. User Interface (dashboards, reporting, ad hoc analysis, in-memory analytics and mobile BI) : The Birst User Interface tier contains the suite's BI capabilities including interactive dashboarding,  pixel-perfect banded report writing and ad-hoc query and analysis. All of these capabilities are available from a single UI and are tightly coupled through the metadata layer. Click the following link for Tours and Demos :


All capabipties available through a single UI without the need for plug-ins or Java applets.WYSIWYG editor with one-cpck toolbars and drag & drop functionapty to create pixel perfect reports, dashboards and analyses.Access to data from multiple systems (SAP BW, Salesforce, CRM, Microsoft Analysis Services, Hyperion Essbase cubes, operational and financial systems) and ETL tools.Ready-to-pubpsh Pixel-perfect reports on screen, paper and mobile devices.Powerful ad-hoc analysis using drilpng and OLAP-style functions.Automated schedupng and depvery capabipties for report distribution. Real-time alerts and conditional formatting for exception reporting.Report export options to PDF, CSV, Excel and more.Extensive pbrary of chart types for data visuapzation: Bar, Column, Pie, Line, Bar/Line, Area, Stacked, Meter, Bubble, Tree and Heat Maps, Pyramid, Funnel and Geo Maps.Single metadata and data security layer. SAS 70 Type II for data stored in Birst.Advanced calculations using inbuilt logical query language for in-depth analysis across multiple, disparate data sources.Web services and open API's for easy integration.

  • Birst is offered as a SaaS solution and a software appliance.
  • The Birst web-based application can run on any computer with an Internet connection and supports all major web browsers.
  • Adobe Flash version 10.x is required to run the Birst web-based application.
  • Birst is supported on 32 bit versions of Windows XP and later, 64 bit versions of Windows 7, and on Mac OS X version 10.4 and later.
  • Java 1.7 is required for running Birst Connect.
  • Birst Connect provide data extract support for delimited flat files, MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access files, MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive/Hadoop, Generic JDBC,, SAP ERP (BAPI Objects), SAP ERP (Queries), SAP BW DSO.


Birst is the leader in agile business analytics. It offers a single place to manage all of a business? analytics and agility to answer questions that span departments, data sources, and deployments?across both public or private Clouds. Birst gives users the fastest way to answer their most pressing business questions?and then all the ones they didn?t know to ask. At one-third the cost, time, and staff of traditional big BI, Birst brings the benefits of analytics and fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience. For more information, visit Headquarters Birst Inc,153 Kearny St,San Francisco, CA 94108.

sgordon@birst.comPhone : (303)

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