MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop: M3 Edition

MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop: M3 Edition

Posted by: MapR Technologies

MapR M3 is the standard edition of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, available for free download and unlimited production use. Like other editions of MapR, it is a complete distribution for Hadoop that combines more than a dozen Apache projects along with MapR Distribution's advanced cluster management console.


M3 provides a subset of the features available in MapR's M5 and M7 editions to enable new users to get started with Hadoop in a fast and secure manner. M3 provides direct data ingestion via NFS, eliminating the need for building separate clusters just for data ingestion and allowing existing applications, libraries and tools to work on Hadoop. M3 also supports MapR Distribution's volume-based data and user management to provide a secure multi-tenant environment for different users to use Hadoop on the same cluster.M3 also comes with a free, yet advanced management and monitoring console that provides cluster heat-map, alerts, alarms and scores of granular job and task diagnostic tools.


Instant, Intuitive Insight from MapR HeatMap?.Use Hadoop like NAS with Direct Access NFS?.Enable real-time data flows with Direct Access NFS?.Scale up and create an unlimited number of files. Manage your data easily with Volumes.Provision Jobs, Users and Groups ?and Do Capacity Planning.Let multiple jobs safely share your Hadoop cluster.


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