Mapping: Execute SQL Statements using JDBC

Mapping: Execute SQL Statements using JDBC

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PowerCenter Java Transformation to read source data using JDBC connection


The PowerCenter ?Read? Java Transformation can be used when you need to read data from a database which only supports JDBC. This transformation has input ports for the JDBC connection itself (JDBC Driver Name, Connection Parameter, User, Password) as well as input ports for the SQL Statement that you want to pass to the database. If needed there are also input ports to pass parameters used i.e. in a where clause. Any valid SQL Statement that is supported by the JDBC driver can be passed to the transformation. The PowerCenter ?Read? Java Transformation for JDBC works a bit similarly to the PowerCenter SQL Transformation.


  • This java transformation supports up to 30 columns as output ports, which are filled with the results of the SQL Statement (select * from). It is an active transformation, which can return several output rows for each incoming row.
  • There is a pass through port that can be used if needed, to pass through data, as the java transformation is an active transformation.
  • The PowerCenter Read Java Transformation does not cache data like a PowerCenter Lookup transformation. Each incoming row will send an SQL statement to the underlying database.
Informatica Product Requirements:
  • PowerCenter 8.6.x.
  • PowerCenter 9.x.



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