HIPPO - monitor, diagnose and optimize PowerCenter

HIPPO - monitor, diagnose and optimize PowerCenter

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Informatica Performance matters! HIPPO is specifically designed for Informatica PowerCenter to make your data integration platform more reliable and stable, make problem diagnosis faster and more accurate, and alert you to what matters in your Informatica environment.


HIPPO was specifically built to improve Informatica Performance. HIPPO provides Data Integration teams with an unrivaled single view of the Informatica environment not only at the session or folder level but also at the business level, reporting the activity, trends and capacity of your PowerCenter platform.In short, HIPPO puts you in control to maximize Informatica performance and:
  • Automatically monitor PowerCenter 24 hours per day.
  • Trigger Alerts on job failures, trends, resource issues and SLAs.
  • Drill down to the underlying cause of issues quickly and intuitively.
  • Monitor Informatica and non-Informatica jobs to resolve bottlenecks.
  • Trend performance and activity over time from single jobs to entire projects.
HIPPO runs on all production, test, development and grid environments. Our intuitive web interface enables Informatica experts and non-experts alike to focus on gaining efficiencies and better business results.Available by subscription, full license or initially as a proof of concept, HIPPO offers significant return on the investment in your Informatica environment in 12 months or less. Light-touch installation is quick and easy for PowerCenter platforms of all versions of Informatica environments from version 8.6 onwards.


HIPPO's features offer extensive insight across your Informatica environment to maximize the efficiency of your schedules, meet the Big Data challenge and get more from your Informatica and infrastructure investment. HIPPO's unique visualization of your Informatica environment lets you to drill down from the operational ?big picture? to individual Transformations, Mappings, Sessions and Workflows to view their performance profile, resource usage trends and cost.Extensive set of reports empowers development teams to optimize Informatica performance at a more granular level and avoid costly rework later in the project lifecycle.Trend graphs showing days up to years provide advance warning of performance problems or opportunities early in the cycle to reduce the likelihood and cost of production issues. Single view of Informatica's concurrency model and resource availability enables insight on mappings running during periods of constrained or available CPU and Memory usage, and better scheduling decisions.Activity Monitor provides a single view of Informatica active Workflows and Sessions to drill down into an unlimited amount of execution history.Capacity planning features help you control costs using informed decisions.

System Requirements:

HIPPO runs on all platforms supported by Informatica with the exception of a mainframe environment.

Informatica Product Requirements:

PowerCenter 8.6.1 and later.

Other Requirements :

  • HIPPO ships with its own webserver (Apache 2.2) and internal database (PostgreSQL version 9.1.2).
  • HIPPO supports version 11gr2 and above of the Oracle database platform
  • HIPPO only supports version 2.2 and above of the Apache webserver.
  • HIPPO requires PHP version 5.3 or above to be installed if not already available.
  • HIPPO requires Java 1.6 (which ships with Informatica 9.x) to be installed on each of the Informatica nodes which it monitors.

HIPPO Current Version:

4.3.3 Release

Release Date:

1st March 2014.

Release Planning :

Releases are planned every quarter.


Based in the UK, Vertoscope is a specialist software company that created HIPPO for Informatica PowerCenter. HIPPO monitors, diagnoses and provides a single view of the entire Informatica environment. Headquarters 150 Minories, London,EC3N 1LS. www.seethehippo.com

Support Contact:lcurtis@vertoscope.com Phone No:+44 (0) 20 70431787 Email:support@vertoscope.com Website:www.seethehippo.com/ Support is provided by our worldwide reseller network. Please contact us so that we can put you in contact with your local reseller.

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