GoodData Open Analytics Platform

GoodData Open Analytics Platform

Posted by: Peter Moore

GoodData provides an agile analytic experience that is protected, managed and secured.


GoodData powers the All Data Enterprise through an Open Analytics Platform that supports both IT's need for Data Governance, security and oversight and business users? desires for self-service Data Discovery. A modern PaaS, it incorporates ?Big Architecture? technologies such as Hadoop, HP Vertica, MongoDB, NetApp, Rackspace, and Informatica in a transparent and open API-accessible manner.  GoodData enables organizations to collect, store, combine, analyze and visualize data from all available data sources including internal operational systems (from traditional vendors), cloud based sources (including SaaS applications and Social), public (such as weather and demographics), and machine data (such as locations or logs).GoodData offers pre-built applications for Sales, Marketing, Services, Social and Agency use cases, and also facilitates customer-specific implementations, delivering very rapid initial time to value that paves a path for self-service agility and ongoing analytics success.Unlike piecemeal and point BI solutions, appliances, engineered systems, and (turn-of-the-century) traditional warehouse architectures, GoodData operates a PaaS, and owns (in partnership) the customer's entire Analytic problem from start to finish. This open platform helps create an analytic ecosystem of applications, solutions, source mappings, workflows, and technology integrations that meet the specific needs of each customer and implementer. Customers can react quickly to changing business conditions, adopt forward-looking business processes more easily, incorporate analytics within the fabric of their business, reclaim ownership of all their data, and use analytics as their competitive advantage.Please click here for live demo



Deliver BI applications in weeks. Integrate data sources in days. Custom and ad hoc reports come to you in real time. Go mobile from day one. GoodData is built for today's world where data and requirements change constantly and analytics require agility and speed.


GoodData was born in the cloud. This is why we're able to continuously iterate on our platform to deliver new features to more than 30,000 companies each week. You?ll always be on the latest version with the tools you need to create the most innovative apps the world has ever seen. GoodData has had 13 major releases in the past year, including more than 100 features.


GoodData backs up all data for governance and disaster recovery planning purposes. Physical security and data security are assured across all communication protocols, applications, services, components, devices, and underlying hardware. Companies in heavily regulated industries such as finance and pharmaceuticals trust GoodData to protect their data.

Customer Obsession

Business users are delighted with GoodData. And happy users = Happy IT. Employees create their own customized reports quickly in an intuitive UI. This frees up IT resources to focus on higher-level, strategic issues. GoodData has a proven 84.7% adoption rate compared to a 28% industry average.


GoodData is the only BI platform to combine data governance and data discovery. IT gets to control and manage the policies, processes and infrastructure that matters to them, while business users get to explore the data to uncover insights in a delightful UI.


At GoodData we believe data is for everyone. From the executives in the corner offices, to the marketing and sales teams that drive growth, to the service teams on the front lines with the customers. And we believe that when people are given access to data, they will innovate. They will become closer to their customers. They will react with the speed of today's business.GoodData believes every person, at every company, should experience extreme insights of combined data sources. All in a delightful user experience. It's why, with GoodData, people and teams win. GoodData is about possibilities. And the possibilities are endless. Headquarters GoodData Corporation, 111 Sutter Street, 4th Floor,San Francisco, CA 94104,(415) 200-0186. No : (415) 200-0194

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