Data Quality: Parsing Tokens

Data Quality: Parsing Tokens

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality

Mapplet to parse individual words from a space delimited string into a single field.


Useful for analyzing multiple word strings, such as Product descriptions, to be able to identify common patterns that can be added to a reference table.This sample provides this functionality by using the Java Transformation. Java transformation helps in extending Informatica Designer functionality. The Java transformation provides a simple native programming interface to define transformation functionality with the Java programming language. You can use the Java transformation to quickly define simple or moderately complex transformation functionality without advanced knowledge of the Java programming language or an external Java development environment. Note : The attached XML file can be imported into the Informatica 9 Designer.You can download this listing as part of the Data Quality Packs and Plans bundle.



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  • please provide on version informatica data quality 9.6.1 , most of them available on lower vesrions only.
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