Data Quality: Email Validation Rule

Data Quality: Email Validation Rule

Posted by: Informatica Data Quality

Informatica Data Quality Mapplet that helps you to validate email addresses.


This Rule validates the format of email addresses. This rule does not verify that email addresses are accurate or active. This rule returns "Valid" or "Invalid."Email data is processed by parsing them into mailbox, domain and subdomain ports. Forexample, "" is parsed in the following manner:
  • Mailbox - "info"
  • Sub-domain - "informatica"
  • Domain - "com"
A email is declared valid when it all the 3 components are present appropriately. Note : The downloaded mapplet can be imported into Informatica Designer 9.You can download this listing as part of the Data Quality Packs and Plans bundle.



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  • HiI was looking for a type validation of domains:,, and considering that there will be public known and private domains not known.Thank you
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  • Same issue during the import of XML. Can some one from support team look into it.
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  • Even I am getting a bunch of errors. It seems it is looking for the xsd for the provided xml. Can some one from Informatica Data Quality Unit help ?
  • Same here not able to import into the Informatica Designer.
  • K C
    How do you import this to IDQ? I tried importing this through informatica designer and I get a bunch of errors. Please guide.
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