Data Quality: Country Name from Email/Web address

Data Quality: Country Name from Email/Web address

Posted by: Informatica Field

Identify country of a customer from either email or website address.


The mapplet can be used for country identification of a customer . It will parse the top level domain from email or Website information from the source data and generate country information from it.We can pass either/both email, Website(Full page or home page etc.) and get country name as a result. Example will be parsed to pkmall@yahoo |   co |   in. Although we have two domains here ?co? and ?in?. The rule will only pull out ?in? out of the email id and check against the attached reference table. The reference table will take ?in? and replace it with country name ?India?.We can also pass websites of the Organization/Person to this mapplet.  For the website it will cleanse it before passing it to the parser.So a website like will be changed to and then we apply a similar parser to get the country information.We can either pass Email_id or Website or Both as inputs and you will get country information from this mapplet which can be later used in a mapping to enrich country data.You can download this listing as part of the Data Quality Packs and Plans bundle.


  • Informatica 9.x.


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