Data Management Accelerator for Clinical Trials

Data Management Accelerator for Clinical Trials

Posted by: Informatica Master Data Management

Informatica's Data Management Accelerator for Clinical Trials helps pharmaceutical companies to integrate and manage data from disparate sources for a 360-degree consolidated view of investigators, clinical trials, compounds, and sites.Use this accelerator to master different types of data, such as compounds, clinical trials, investigators, and study sites. The accelerator helps to create and manage relationships between study protocols, clinical trials, compounds, sites, sponsors, and investigators. It can standardize, cleanse, and merge data and enable data stewards to manage data, handle exceptions, and maintain data for compliance purposes.


Informatica's Data Management Accelerator for Clinical Trials removes complexity from the management of clinical trials data and enhances visibility into the unified view of all entities across multiple studies. Built on the industry-leading multidomain Informatica MDM product, the accelerator includes pre-built business rules to accelerate and enable how clinical trials master data is cleansed, matched, merged, and validated.  By strategically managing clinical trials data, life sciences organizations can begin to see the relationships in their data and gain valuable insights into current studies, sites, investigators, compounds tested, and organizations or individuals sponsoring the clinical trials.Key requirements addressed:
  • Supports Clinical trials, Investigators, Study sites, Compounds, and Hierarchy.
  • Maintains relationships between compounds tested, clinical trials, study protocols, study sponsors, investigators, and locations for the clinical trials.
  • Supports regulatory compliance.
  • Provides for multiple systems to be notified by reports.
  • Provides real-time access to clinical trial information.
Informatica's Accelerators provide trusted business-critical master data and include:
  • A comprehensive prepackaged data model to achieve results quickly and with less risk.
  • Pre-built business rules to automate cleansing, matching, merging and validating data.
  • A user interface, dashboards and a workflow to streamline data consolidation.


Comprehensive (extensible) data model

  • Entities include : Compounds, Clinical trials, Investigators, Study sites

Robust rules package

Cleanse, match, merge and survivorship functionality

Versioning and lineageOut-of-the-box, workflow-enabled business user interface

Informatica Data Integration Mappings for consuming inbound data

Composite services for ?get? and ?search/match?

Realtime lookups

All Informatica MDM Features

Out-of-box reports for

  • Error and validation
  • Matches and updates consumption by policy systems

Robust rules package

Informatica Data Integration Mappings for creating outbound reports

JMS message configured for near-real-time notifications

Pre-configured hierarchy and relationship management


Bulk manipulation (UI)

To realize optimal results, accelerator elements can be configured to suit your environment.

Current Version : 10.1Release Date : Sep 29, 2016. System Requirements:

  • Informatica MDM MDE 10.1 HF1
  • Informatica DI 9.6.1 HF3
  • Informatica BPM
  • Comprehensive Data Model:
    • 10+ core entity types
    • 10+ relationship/hierarchy types
    • Derived from real use cases
  • User Interface for data stewardship
  • Services-enabled
  • Data from thirds party feeds
  • Multiple source mappings created for handling clinical trial systems, third party admin data.
  • Outbound reports and notification
  • Robust Rules Package
    • Data Quality, Match, Survivorship, Linking
  • Out-of-the-box business user interface
  • Includes organization and staff hierarchies