Teradata Aster Big Analytics Discovery Platform

Teradata Aster Big Analytics Discovery Platform

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Embeds MapReduce processing for deeper insights on new data sources and multi-structured data types to deliver analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability.


An analytics-optimized environment for rapid, on-the-fly data exploration, this is the first appliance in the industry to combine big analytics technologies, such as Hadoop, MapReduce, graph, pattern, and path analysis, with ecosystem compatibility with BI and ETL tools, business friendly ANSI-standard SQL, out-of-the-box MapReduce analytics and mature, enterprise-grade system management solutions. It is a tightly coupled hardware and software solution that contains Aster Database and Apache Hadoop to process structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. The Aster Big Analytics Appliance is a powerful, ready to-run platform that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data storage and analysis. A purpose built, integrated hardware and software solution for analytics at big data scale, the appliance runs the Aster patented SQL-MapReduce® and SQL-H? technology on a time-tested, fully supported Teradata hardware platform. Depending on workload needs, it can be configured with Aster nodes exclusively, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Hadoop nodes exclusively, or a mixture of Aster and Hadoop nodes. Additionally, integrated backup nodes are available for data protection.By minimizing the number of moving parts required for deployment, the appliance offers easy, integrated management of an enterprise-ready information discovery solution with the benefits of optimized performance, continuous availability, and linear scalability. The result? You can bring information discovery to the business by just plugging the appliance into existing infrastructure, thereby leveraging your current investments in technology and resources.


A truly hybrid architecture that includes Aster Database, Aster SQL-MapReduce® and Apache Hadoop for a complete big analytics solution.Industry's deepest stack integration, across the Aster and Apache Hadoop platforms. Enables business analysts to issue ANSI-standard SQL, via SQL-H? and SQLMapReduce® on both Aster and Hadoop data.Best-in-class enterprise big analytics via industry's only SQL-MapReduce® interface and the most comprehensive library of MapReduce analytic functions. The analytic library features more than 50 pre-built MapReduce functions, providing out-of-the-box analytics for graph, text, behavior, and marketing analytics, among others. Industry-leading performance and scalability via optimized hardware and software configuration for Aster and Hadoop and 40 Gb/s InfiniBand networking. Proven 35x faster for interactive SQL and MapReduce analytics than alternative Apache Hadoop solutions.Truly Enterprise-Ready software and hardware management, via Teradata Server Management, Teradata Viewpoint and Teradata Vital Infrastructure services. Fully supported by the most trusted name in enterprise data management and analytics, Teradata.

  • Aster Database 5 or higher version ? SQL-H? : Allows data access in Hadoop through a standard SQL interface ? Over 50 SQL-MapReduce® analytical functions.
  • Hortonworks HDP 1.1 or higher.
  • SUSE Linux 11 64-bit Operating System.
  • Integrated Cabinet.
    • Dual Intel Eight Core Sandy Bridge Xeon processors @ 2.6GHz per node (Aster Queen/ Aster Worker/Hortonworks Hadoop Master).
    • Dual Intel Six Core Sandy Bridge Xeon processors @ 2.0GHz per node (Aster Backup/ Aster Loader/Hadoop Data) ? 40 Gb/s InfiniBand Node Interconnect.
    • System Management Infrastructure, Teradata Administration, and Teradata Viewpoint.
    • Aster Teradata Adapter: high-speed data connector to the Teradata data warehouse.
  • RAID High Availability.
  • Disk Capacities : uncompressed (3x compression assumed typical).
    • Aster Worker Nodes with 900GB drives: 5.5TB.
    • Data Nodes for Hadoop with 3TB drives: 9.5TB.
    • Aster Backup Nodes with 3TB drives: 25.1TB.
    • Full Aster Cabinet (2 Queens/16 Workers).
    • 88TB user space.
    • Full Hadoop Cabinet (2 Masters/16 Data).
    • 152TB user space.
  • Scalability to petabytes with expansion cabinets and larger network switch.


Teradata is the world's largest company focused on analytic data solutions through integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Only Teradata gives organizations the advantage to transform data across the organization into actionable insights empowering leaders to think boldly and act decisively for the best decisions possible. Find out how the Aster Big Analytics Appliance from Teradata can make your entry into big data enterprise analytics fast, efficient, and cost effective while you improve your decision-making capabilities and grow a stronger, more productive business. Contact your local Teradata representative or visit Teradataaster.com. Headquaters 10000 Innovation Drive, DaytonOH 45342.www.asterdata.com

  • Integrated hardware and software maintenance and support.
  • Secure remote connectivity.
  • Fast response times.
  • Flexible coverage hours.
  • Robust diagnostic capabilities with Teradata Vital Infrastructure.
  • Easy access to software updates via Teradata @ Your Service.
  • Proactive system monitoring Implementation Services.
  • System Installation.
  • Software Implementation.

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