ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica PowerCenter: IT Automation Beyond PMCMD

ActiveBatch Extension for Informatica PowerCenter: IT Automation Beyond PMCMD

Posted by: Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc

The ActiveBatch® Extension for PowerCenter provides end-to-end automation that ensures dependencies are met and data is complete every time by overcoming common limitations of the PowerCenter native scheduler & eliminating the complexity of PMCMD & custom scripting.


ActiveBatch® is transforming PowerCenter automation by providing Informatica users a unique & powerful approach that offers capabilities beyond the native PowerCenter scheduler & eliminates the complexity of PMCMD & custom scripting. The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library provides pre-built, templated Job Steps that can be dragged & dropped to easily & reliably automate PowerCenter workflows. Users can also build workflows into end-to-end processes that pass data & manage dependencies without custom scripting.

  • Leverage advanced date/time scheduling
  • Simplify complex event-based scheduling requirements
  • Dynamically set runtime parameters
  • Execute workflows sourced in & across multiple folders
  • Ensure dependencies have been met (e.g., having exclusive access to a file) before starting other dependent workflows
  • Use flow control & conditional logic job steps like if/then/else statements
  • Leverage built-in runtime monitoring to proactively monitor a job's progress & send an alert if an ETL or other job is running longer than expected
  • Easily monitor & service SLAs to meet expected completion requirements
  • Build & automate end-to-end workflows across Informatica & non-Informatica applications without custom scripting

And much more

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ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduling & Workload Automation Software. System Requirements:

  • The ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling system is customer installable and requires a minimum of One (1) Microsoft Windows system. ActiveBatch supports a wide variety of platforms for job and plan execution including, Windows, Linux, UNIX (many variations), OpenVMS, z/OS and more. The actual hardware requirements will vary depending on the job scheduling workload you need to perform.
  • ActiveBatch supports both Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle for its own backend database requirements.
  • To evaluate ActiveBatch in your environment, with full access to our technical support services simply contact our Sales Department at or complete an online Proof of Concept request form.



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Support Services

Customers have the option to select a Technical Support Plan that best suits their desired product configuration and organization's requirements.

ActiveBatch Training Courses

With course content tailored toward developers, operators, and administrators, ActiveBatch Academy features a role-based course series, Did You Know course series, and enhanced Deep Dive courses. Courses feature on-demand modules, interactive Knowledge Check quizzes and exams, practical hands-on labs, and expert Q&A.

Professional Services

Available for ActiveBatch Consulting and Migration Services, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. Professional Services Group provides a range of technical and training services that focus on ActiveBatch Best Practices and allow for faster, smoother implementations.

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  • AB interfaces with Informatica Powercenter exceptionally well. The session log details are robust and indicate status of each mapping within the workflows. We are also able to extract the records loaded information.
  • This seems to be an integrated solution and can work enterprise wide.
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