INFACore Python SDK and Jupyter Lab Extension

INFACore Python SDK and Jupyter Lab Extension

Posted by: Informatica Cloud

Informatica INFACore (currently in Preview) brings all simplification and innovations of IDMC for the low code developer community and enable them to use within their favorite programming language/IDE without any context switching.


In the cloud, the only thing you own is your data. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) is designed to help businesses innovate with their data on virtually any platform, cloud, multi-cloud, distributed cloud, and multi-hybrid cloud. This comprehensive, cloud-native and AI-powered platform is the one-stop destination for data-driven business transformation.

Informatica has abstracted the complexities and simplified data management with its innovations over several decades. Informatica INFACore brings all this together for the low code developer community and enables them to use INFACore within their favorite programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) without any context switching.
INFACore is the industry’s first simple, open, extensible and embeddable intelligent headless data management component of IDMC. It radically simplifies the development and maintenance of complex data pipelines and data management tasks, turning thousands of lines of code into a single INFACore function. INFACore also:

  • Provides complete flexibility to integrate with any third-party application, built using any programming language.
  • Provides all the innovations of IDMC for developers to use within their programming interfaces.
  • Increases developer productivity drastically with zero maintenance and maximum reusability.
  • Is future-proof, scalable, cost-optimized and agnostic to any cloud ecosystem, integrated development environment (IDE) and programming language.

INFACore provides open standards for ecosystem integration. It provides software development kits (SDKs) for popular programming languages and plug-ins for popular IDEs to build and extend custom solutions by leveraging IDMC’s capabilities. This enables customers and partners to innovate faster to deliver holistic solutions with tangible benefits. With INFACore, IDMC satisfies virtually every data management need


  • JupyterLab Extension for INFACore – JupyterLab version 3.4.2 to 3.x
  • Python SDK for INFACore – Python version 3.8.0 to 3.11.x

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