MongoDB Connector - Special SKU

MongoDB Connector - Special SKU

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MongoDB Connector can be used to connect to a MongoDB database


Use MongoDB Connector to read data from or write data to collections in a MongoDB Atlas database. You can use a MongoDB document as a source and as a target in mapping tasks and mappings.


  • Create a MongoDB data warehouse. You can aggregate data from MongoDB and other source systems, transform the data, and write the data to MongoDB.
  • Migrate data from a relational database or other data sources to MongoDB. For example, you want to migrate data from a relational database to MongoDB. You can write data from multiple relational database tables with different schemas to the same MongoDB collection. A MongoDB collection contains the data in a MongoDB database.
  • Migrate data from MongoDB to a data warehouse for reporting. For example, your organization uses a business intelligence tool that does not support MongoDB. You must migrate the data from MongoDB to a data warehouse so that the business intelligence tool can use the data to generate reports.


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