AllScripts Practice Management

AllScripts Practice Management

Posted by: Informatica Cloud Application Integration Team

With more than 30 years of experience, AllScripts take pride in partnering with and connecting consumers, providers, payers and communities. Today, Allscripts partnership and solutions, including electronic health record (EHR), population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management services, enable organizations worldwide—of all sizes—to change what’s possible in healthcare.


Allscripts Healthcare Solutions provides physician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with practice management and electronic health record technology.

This AllScripts Service Connector allows Informatica Cloud Application Integration (CAI) developers to incorporate access to AllScripts Electronic Health record system in their real-time integration scenarios.

This AllScripts Connector and associated assets demonstrate how to authenticate against AllScripts and retrieve patient details based on search parameters. Additional functionality is available for the reader to explore on their own.


Allscripts now offers three distinct ways to connect with our solutions:

  • Developer Open Access Account – Free and open to any individual or company who would like to use Allscripts FHIR® ©-enabled APIs, no approval or testing required.
  • ADP Integrator Category – Pay-per-use model available for any company with full access to Allscripts FHIR-enabled APIs, our proprietary Unity APIs, and other functionality to optimize your integration to Allscripts products. Includes an Allscripts Integrator logo.
  • ADP Partner – This is Allscripts traditional partnership program. Being a full ADP Partner includes a dedicated account owner, technical support, an Allscripts Application Store on-line profile with lead capabilities and other marketing opportunities such as program logos and select advertisements and campaigns.





Sorabh Agarwal

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