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  • Informatica Wizard Integration


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Informatica lead the way in disrupting the integration industry by defining a faster, easier and affordable way for any user to integrate their cloud. Now we’re helping developers go one step further by launching the world’s first Wizard Integration Toolkit (WIT). Instead of placing the responsibility of integration on your users Informatica WIT will enable your users to solve integrations all within the comfort of your own app and user experience. Reduce the stress of selecting an integration solution and save yours users time and money.

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Wizard Integration Toolkit

Informatica WIT was designed from the ground up to allow developers to include complex integration features as part of their own existing application. Using WIT your users will never have to learn an external tool or rely on additional software solutions in order to resolve their data related challenges. More so your own development team will be in full control of a powerful Cloud Integration platform.

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WIT Configurator

You can leverage through a widget framework which will help you build custom applications completely catered to your use case. With an extensible framework which can be used to embed in multiple UI frameworks and languages, the WIT is just the package you need to solve your data integration problem. The Configurator is what can help you generate this framework as per your customization and requirements.

  • Documentation

    Use the Admin Guide to help with installation of the Wizard Integration Toolkit.

  • API Utility

    Embed integration features using REST API to invoke Informatica Cloud from within.

  • Discussion Forum

    The forum is open to everyone so please feel free to add questions, comments or responses of your own.


  • Powered by a robust set of pre built connectivity

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