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Customer Testimonials

The Marketplace completes the Informatica offering. For Informatica practitioners like me, the easy accessibility to several complementary offerings, utilities and free apps is a unique value addition. Strong value in the Marketplace is another reason I would recommend Informatica to my contemporaries.

- Jenny Mangasarian, Informatica User Group Wisconsin Chapter Leader

Informatica Marketplace is a very useful resource for Informatica Practitioners. I have found several solutions that complement the Informatica platform and the functionality. I have recommended many of these solutions to my management. With several such offerings that can increase the ROI on Informatica investment, Informatica Marketplace can be the differentiator for Informatica in the DI and DM space.

- Ramamoorthy Srinivasagam, Assistant Consultant, Metadata Concept Owner at Nokia, TCS

The Informatica Marketplace has proven to be a useful resource for data integration solutions. We are able to access numerous useful Solutions which have helped us improve our productivity and complete our projects ahead of schedule. I have recommended the Informatica Marketplace to many of my colleagues, and look forward to seeing the addition of many more useful Solutions.

- Mohamad Adil Sharif,Informatica Designer, Tata Consultancy Services

The Solutions provided in the Marketplace are outstanding. I always encourage my team to do research on the solutions/applications provided there, and we have found several Solutions in the Marketplace that have been useful in our projects. I appreciate your efforts in providing a wide variety of solutions that can be used by the Informatica Developer community to improve their productivity.

- Suresh Podishetti, Bodh Tree

The Solutions I’ve found have been great. The iValidator and Metaquery 3.0 are great tools and help me pull metadata I can use while evaluating mappings and workflows. They are helping me establish a process to do developer code reviews and reporting that won’t be too time intensive.

- Samantha Miller, Consulting Software Engineer, A Not-For-Profit Computer Services Company

Informatica Marketplace is a great resource for Data Integration Practitioners like me. On the site I have been able to access several productivity and debugging tools that have made my life easy. The Free tools are a bonus and there are so many of them to download and explore. The Solutions on the Marketplace have saved me a lot of time.

- Cezary Opacki, IT Consultant, ING Financial Services S.A.

I downloaded the Qlikview plugin to trial creating QVX files directly from Powercenter mappings. This worked really well and we're thinking of including the plugin in our live environment. The marketplace made it very easy to obtain and also easy to feed back comments to the supplier.

- Steve Garner, MI Architect, Markel International

As the Architect for the ICC at Dell, it is my responsibility to recommend technology for various data integration initiatives. One of the key factors I consider is the overall cost of projects and the ability of the chosen technology to make them successful. I have visited the Informatica Marketplace and have found several tools and applications that can improve productivity and reduce project deployment time thereby reducing the overall cost of the project. The Informatica Marketplace is another powerful reason for me to recommend Informatica products to the business..

- Dwarak Nath, ICC Architect, Dell

The Informatica user community is a very robust and collaborative community. The user contributions have made Informatica Marketplace a useful repository of solutions with example scenarios. I have downloaded several documents, tools and applications. They are very relevant for me as they have been developed by individuals who work in similar environments as me.

- Naveen Kumar, Associate ETL consultant, NlainSoft pvt. Ltd

Interstage® XWand® is a market-tested XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) solution from Fujitsu used by regulatory bodies, auditors, filers, analysts, and major enterprises throughout the world. A powerful software development kit (SDK) and rich array of tools make creation, validation, and analysis of XBRL documents dramatically more efficient and cost-effective. Informatica users will find Interstage XWand most useful; whether they are beginning to explore XBRL or are already doing advanced reporting using XBRL. We are excited about our partnership with Informatica and the opportunity to make Interstage XWand available to the wide Informatica user community through Marketplace.

- Jaideep Shah, Senior Product Manager, Fujitsu America

I have download couple of solutions from Informatica Marketplace. Marketplace is a great idea and a perfect way of exploring innovative ways of using Informatica for various purposes. Marketplace makes it a lot easier and has helped me save a lot of time.

- Naresh Komuravelly, Lead Consultant, Headstrong

I use the Marketplace site from time to time. The site is nicely designed, fast and easy to use. I have downloaded and evaluated a few solutions and my experience has been great.

- Marek Grzenkowicz, Senior ETL Developer, Leading Biotech Company

Informatica Marketplace has been a very useful resource. The Solutions on the Marketplace have helped us during the project phase. As the Solutions are pre-built, they have saved us development time and we have completed projects ahead of schedule. Helped a lot for gaining knowledge and successful Implementation of PowerExchange for the first time to a leading Bank in India.

- Lokesh, Technology Consultant, Hewlett-Packard


Partner Testimonials

On behalf of everyone at AnalytiX we are very pleased to be selected as the Winner of the MVP Award. Our partnership with the Informatica and the marketplace has been very rewarding. The marketplace has helped us reach a global customer base of over 400+ customers using our source to target mapping tool – the Mapping Manager Solution.

- Mike Boggs, Founder and CTO, AnalytiX Data Services

We are very proud to be part of the Informatica Marketplace and are hugely appreciative of being nominated as a finalist in the Marketplace MVP competition.

- Mark Connelly, Business Development Director, Assertive Software

We are proud to have been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Innovation Drive competition in the fierce international competion. Informatica is our strategic alliance partner and we greatly appreciate this connection.

- Tomas Pavlik, CEO and founder of Profinit.

Silwood Technology Limited is delighted to be named as one of the finalists in the Marketplace Innovative Drive Contest and to be able to contribute our metadata discovery products to the Informatica Marketplace which we believe is both innovative and of great value to Informatica customers.

- Graham Simpson, Managing Director, Silwood Technology Limited.

The Marketplace has hundreds of offerings from several partners, organizations and individuals. This makes the Marketplace a valuable resource to Informatica Users around the world. With IDOC, customers can realize TCO savings of up to 75% over 3 years period compared to traditional BI implementation approaches. The addition of IDOC – our cloud based business intelligence offering – to the Marketplace, we get the opportunity to promote IDOC to a large audience of about 4200 Informatica customers and a global community of over 125,000 users, extending our product reach.

- Eric Miles, CEO of Bi3 Solutions

Intelligence derived from interaction data is helping forward-looking companies make sales, increase customer loyalty, decrease service costs, improve compliance and reduce business costs. The Informatica Platform’s ability to efficiently integrate and manage vast amounts of unstructured data dovetails perfectly with Attensity’s ability to help organizations listen, analyze and act on customer interactions across multiple channels. We added our Solutions to the Informatica Marketplace in June, and we are excited about reaching over 125,000 Informatica users and extending our Global footprint.

- Michelle DeHaaff, CMO, Attensity

We are pleased to host our PowerCenter Deployment System Software on the Informatica Marketplace. The Marketplace is a great collection of tools and utilities that addresses the needs of Data Integration Developers. Using PowerCenter Deployment System (PDS) the Informatica team can model, automate and control all enterprise-wide deployment tasks as a steady process flow through one intuitive front-end. The Informatica Marketplace allows customers to quickly and easily find helpful applications like ours, and is the definitive one-stop shop for Data Integration solutions.

- Michael Urban, Managing Partner, ITBConsult

Informatica Marketplace has been a successful channel for Interface Development. Due to their commitment to Partner success and their focus on promotions, our products have gained higher visibility. We have reached hundreds of new customers who have been able to increase their time-to-value for their data integration projects.

- Matthias Urech, Founder, Interface Development

To begin with, Informatica Marketplace helped us with access to Informatica platform enabling us to develop Undraleu - the Informatica PowerCenter ETL Code review Product. Listing Undraleu on Informatica Marketplace has been very beneficial to us. Since May, we have received over 10 leads. This has helped us increase trials of our product and we are very close to closing a sale at a large American Bank. Informatica Marketplace is going to be a vital part of our go-to market strategy.

- Bhaskar Peri, Coeurdata

I heard about the Informatica Marketplace on one of the social media sites, and within a few days I was able to create Solutions for my Autotype Excel Macro for PowerCenter Designer and Workflow Parser Generator applications. The Marketplace has made my solutions available to over 125,000 Informatica users in 110 countries. Through the Marketplace I am able collaborate with other data integration professionals, educate them about my applications, and establish myself as an expert within the Data Integration community. Since May, I have received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from the visitors on the Marketplace, and my applications are among the top downloaded Solutions. The Marketplace has given me a level of recognition that I could never have imagined.

- Maciej Grabowski, Independent Consultant, Poland

Leading enterprises are struggling to respond to the volume and complexity of data analysis in the short timeframes required to stay competitive. ParAccel's analytic platform enables customers to successfully tackle their most critical analytic workloads. Our solutions are a part of Informatica Marketplace’s Big Data Mall - a valuable and complementary resource for Big Data stakeholders. We anticipate that the Marketplace is going to become a valuable channel for our solutions, and will be an important part of our Go-to-Market strategy for customers using Informatica's best-of-breed solutions.

- Barry Zane, CTO, ParAccel

The Informatica Marketplace is a go to point for developers like me when it comes to collaborating with other Informatica users. There are several useful applications when it comes to data integration solutions, be it solutions those that can be purchased or those that are available for free download. The availability of free trial versions of applications make the Marketplace a very compelling destination. The Solutions on the Marketplace have helped me complete projects ahead of schedule and has improved my productivity as a DW Developer. I have recommended the Informatica Marketplace to many of my colleagues, and look forward to the new Solutions that are added.

- Balaji. M, Programmer Analyst, Cognizant Technologies

Informatica Marketplace is a useful resource for Informatica Users and developers. It is a repository of over 250 Solutions that can improve developer productivity and save time. You can always find something that meets your needs. It is a powerful channel for us to collaborate and share our knowledge and reduce time to market of our Informatica projects.

- Abhilash Mula, Systems Architect - ETL, Cognizant Digicel Group

Infoverity has developed three solution strategies to help guide Purisma customers through the switch to Informatica MDM. Infoverity is closely aligned with Informatica Professional Services, and increasing awareness of our solution offerings via the Informatica Marketplace is key to us continuing to bolster that partnership. The Informatica Marketplace will enable us to reach a global audience, further establishing our company and building recognition for our expertise and solutions in the MDM space.

- Steve Ruff, Managing Consultant, Infoverity